From zen furniture design, interior design is now a household staple.

But now a team of designers is taking a stab at bringing it to the water.

They’ve teamed up with yacht designer Robert P. Stroud, whose yacht, the Z-O-B, will be available to the public starting in May.

The Z-B will be built by Stroud’s yacht design company, Stroud & Associates.

It’s the first Zen interior design project in the world.

It will be made from a steel and carbon fiber composite design, complete with water-resistant glass, a “floating” seat and an adjustable, stainless steel “glass-covered” deck.

It’s a bold concept, but it’s also smart.

The yacht’s design team is hoping to tap into a market where the need for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic is strong.

The Z-P will feature a steel-to-glass look and will be able to hold the same amount of water as a traditional yacht, but be able “float” it out of the water when not in use.

It sounds a bit crazy, but Stroud said he wanted to design a boat that would “go on the water, not off the water.”

He said he was drawn to the concept because it was “a timeless design, with a modern look.”

The boat will be based on a design from the early 1970s, which was also used in a number of boats.

The concept is a bit of a departure from the more modern and industrial design that has become popular in the ocean.

It also seems to echo what Porsches and Ferraris are doing with their design elements.

“It was a really radical idea for the time,” Stroud told Wired.

The boat, though, will probably have the same level of sophistication as other boats.

Porsches, for example, use a design called “The New Modern,” which looks like a very simple boat that was designed to withstand the elements.

That boat is also available in a steel frame, but this Zen design will have a floating deck that allows the boat to float on the surface.

Stirling said the ZB will also have a deck for the boat’s pilot to sit on, and will also include a small boat lounge that is “a bit like a living room, a lounge area with a table, and a fireplace.

There’s a TV, a television stand, a dining table, an armchair, and another lounge area.”

The deck and interior will be a “living room-like” setting, and it will also feature an underwater view of the ocean and the surrounding water.

“You’re getting into a sort of the underwater space,” Stirling explained.

“You’re going to see these incredible underwater pictures, so you’re getting a 360-degree view of your surroundings, and you’re also seeing the beautiful water.

So this is a very unique experience.”

Stroud also hopes that the Zen design can be used in other boats, including an underwater yacht.

“A lot of people are looking at the ocean as a big, huge sea, and I think that’s really a good thing,” he said.

“I think it can be a big asset for a vessel that’s sailing in the water or on the ocean.”

The ZB’s interior design will likely be limited to just a few of the boats that are available to buy now.

That will likely include a couple of luxury models, but not the boat that will make the Zs famous boat line.

But Stroud hopes the Zen interior will become a regular feature in the market for luxury boats.

“We’re not going to just sit on it and say, ‘This is our idea,’ ” he said, adding that the design team wants to “come up with a design that people can actually use on a boat.”

“There are a lot of boats out there that are very simple,” Stullow added.

“But when you look at a lot more complex boats that people are trying to do, they want to make it look like a more modern design.”

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