A new Greek interior design business started by an international student at Athens University is doing well, with the student making $20,000 a month from the job, said a Greek interior designer.

It was established by a group of international students from Athens University who were inspired by the idea of a business based on their passion for interior design.

A student and his friends started a company in a small room at the end of the university, where the students worked.

The students made it their business to design and design for a number of Greek cities and towns and then sold the business to a group, said the company’s founder, Nikos Giannakopoulos.

“We created a new business for ourselves, but it was not a business we were making for ourselves.

We were making it for the people,” he said.

Giannakopolos, who has worked with international designers in the past, said he is currently designing the offices of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and is considering moving to another Greek city to design office spaces.

Greek interior design is becoming a popular career, with graduates taking jobs in some major European cities, including Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt and London.

Giannadopoulos said he hopes his business will provide a new opportunity for the students who were the first ones to start their own business.

“I hope that the students of Athens University will help us create a business and that we can grow the business in Greece,” he told the newspaper.

Athens is a city of about 14,000 people and has become one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

More than 20,000 foreign students study at the university each year.

While Giannakis was a first-year student, he said the business was already profitable before he joined the company.

“We sold the design of the office and we have raised the funds to hire a few more people to help us out,” he added.

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