At the moment, the vast majority of homes in Israel are built on a traditional Israeli landscape, built by people who grew up on the land of Israel.

That means, they are built with the same kind of traditional structures, with the exact same materials, with all the same kinds of interiors, all the time.

They are called ‘moderns.’

But it’s time to change that, say many people who live in Israel.

The majority of the country’s Jewish communities are moving towards more urban homes, which are designed for people who are less affluent.

The same is happening in the United States, which is also becoming more and more unaffordable for many Jewish families.

For example, in New York City, according to census data, a median-income family could afford to buy a house in Manhattan with a median price of $1 million or more in the first three years of a home’s sale, and a median income of just $400,000 in the fourth year.

In Brooklyn, the median income was $1.2 million in the last three years, according the most recent Census data.

There are some areas where this trend has been more or less stable, but it is changing.

In the United Kingdom, the number of Jewish homes sold on the secondary market increased by 30 percent between 2015 and 2017, according an analysis from the British Land Registry.

And in Canada, a large number of buyers are looking to buy new homes.

The trend is expected to continue, as many Jewish Israelis increasingly want to move to a more urban environment, while the number in the cities they live in has dropped, particularly in cities like Tel Aviv.

The number of homes being built on traditional Israeli landscapes is growing, but not nearly as fast as the number that are being built in more urban settings.

According to the Israeli Land Registry, the percentage of new housing built on existing structures has declined by 12 percent since 2014, but that percentage of homes that are built in urban settings has increased by 32 percent.

This has led to some housing developers looking for ways to cater to the needs of more affluent Israeli consumers.

One of the most popular trends is for new construction to be built in large towns and cities with a high number of people living in them.

But the majority of housing is built in rural and semi-rural areas, which makes sense, since people tend to move from their cities more often than in more densely populated areas.

“It’s important to keep in mind that most of the homes that have been built are built for the affluent, and the only people who can afford to live in these homes are the very wealthy,” says Zvi Harel, CEO of the Israeli-American Center for Israel.

“And for most of us, we live in rural areas, in a rural area, where there’s less than 30 percent of our income.

So, to have a house built in the city would be a good opportunity for us to live on a budget, but for most Israelis, they’re moving to cities because the housing prices are so high.”

Harel says that there are two main reasons for this trend.

First, it’s very difficult to attract people to live there.

Second, most people who want to live near the sea, in towns with a lot of tourists and people who work on boats, are in the process of leaving the country.

And as more and in some cases more affluent Israelis seek out other places to live, they’ll be able to move more easily into a neighborhood.

“There’s also a big problem that they’re leaving the land, and they don’t have access to the land.

So if they leave, they will have to move out of the area, and there’s not a lot that’s available for them to live,” says Harel.

“The second part of the problem is that a lot more of the land has been purchased and developed in recent years.

So you have a lot fewer houses, and so, as a result, there are fewer places where you can live.

That has caused a lot displacement of Israelis, which means the number and number of housing units that are available to people have been reduced.”

The Israeli Land Office says that a number of different factors are behind this trend, including: – More and more affluent people moving to urban areas.

– The growth of ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel, which, according a 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, have the most expensive housing.

– A lack of affordable housing for middle-class families.

– Increased investment in new homes, including in areas that are less expensive.

– Less and less attention given to the preservation of traditional Jewish structures and interiors.

But Harel argues that there’s a more fundamental reason for the shift, one that’s going to affect all Israelis in the future: the new economy.

“If you look at the

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