In some places, homes with large windows are becoming the new norm.

But not everywhere.

The interior wall is a design element designed to reduce interior noise and maximize space for natural light, a task made more difficult by the advent of advanced indoor lighting technology.

It’s also a feature many architects and designers believe should be incorporated into the interior of new homes.

While it’s not a new idea, it’s one that is gaining traction in cities around the world.

While it’s a very different approach to designing a house, some architects and home designers are starting to use the interior wall as a way to address issues with noise and light pollution in a way that’s more sustainable and more aesthetically pleasing.

“When I designed the house, the whole interior wall was a big part of that,” said Robert Oakes, a professor at The Ohio State University.

“That’s something that was going to be in the future.

The goal was to get it into the house that had the most natural light and minimize the noise and the light pollution, and make the home more aesthetical.”

Oakes is an architect who has been working on improving the efficiency of modern architecture for the last 20 years.

He also worked as an architect and home designer in New York and has designed many modern and traditional home styles.

He’s a master of both.

“There’s this concept of interior space that is more of a reflection of the space of the house than it is a reflection on the room itself,” Oakes said.

“You’ve got to have some sort of interior reflection.”

In order to design a home that is aesthetically attractive, Oakes recommends the following guidelines for his projects:1.

Use light and shade in the house.

It is better to use natural light or shade than artificial lighting or fluorescent fixtures.2.

Add natural light to your home.

When natural light is used, it can be as simple as a large window in your home that has a clear, unobstructed view of the landscape, or a large light-colored curtain in your kitchen that has no artificial light in it.3.

Add artificial lighting to the home.

For example, a lighted fireplace can be used in a bedroom to create a natural lighting effect.4.

Have natural lighting in the room, not just outside.

The more natural lighting you can add, the more energy your home can use.5.

Design with the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing noise.

“A lot of people will look at a house and think it has to be this way, but you can’t just use a lightbulb and have that light be perfectly bright,” Oake said.6.

Include natural ventilation.

When you use natural ventilation, the air is constantly changing temperature and humidity, so natural ventilation is often necessary.7.

Avoid fluorescent fixtures and use LED lighting in your living space.

If you are installing a home with a ceiling fan or air conditioner, you might not want to use an artificial light.

However, Oaks says that in some places where artificial lighting is still available, you may want to consider installing natural light instead.8.

Design for a variety of seasons.

In addition to natural light during the summer, Oakers recommends building a home during winter months and then installing natural lighting during the winter months.9.

Use a variety and quality of materials.

To improve the aesthetic, Oaking recommends using natural materials that are not too porous and not too rigid.

“I think it’s important to do this work in an efficient way,” Oaks said.

In other words, design for the materials that will last.

“There’s so many things that you can do to improve the performance of the home, so make sure you do this right.”

Oaks is also a proponent of natural light in all the homes he has designed.

While he says there are times where artificial light is needed in some homes, he says that’s an exception, not the rule.

“In some of the homes, the windows are in the front of the living area, and there’s not enough natural light,” he said.

“The whole purpose of the interior is to give the home an energy that you get from the natural light coming in through the window.”

When Oakes designed the home in 2008, he realized that he could achieve that energy by using natural ventilation and natural light.

“In the living room, the natural ventilation doesn’t get into the living space,” he explained.

“And it’s only in the kitchen and bedroom, so there are no natural light at all.”

Oaken is not the only architect who is incorporating interior wall into his designs.

In 2015, architect David M. Laskin designed a home in New Orleans that included an interior wall that was designed to minimize the need for artificial light, using natural material and color in the living and bedroom spaces.

“I was really impressed with the result,” Oaken said.

He added that he was inspired by a house in Los Angeles where he

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