The first thing you want to do when you’re designing a post-modern home is to ensure that you’re not using a template. 

You want to avoid making a design for the sake of a design.

Instead, you want your design to make sense in the context of your architecture, and in the mind of the designer.

And you want it to make you feel safe.

If you’re a home designer, you need to design for yourself. 

I’ve found that this requires an understanding of what a home is.

A modern home is not a place where you build one large building and then build a small one next to it.

A postmodern design is about building a small house in the space of the space you want, where you live. 

Here are five rules to help you design a home that feels safe and comfortable to live in: 1.

Don’t try to make your design as good as a real home. 

A great design should be an honest reflection of the time and place where it’s being built. 

It should also be a tribute to the people who lived in it, their work, and their place in history. 


Build in space. 

The home is a place that you inhabit.

It’s a place you inhabit with your eyes, your body, and your soul. 


Don’t forget your space.

Make your design about the living space.

Design it in the best way possible, in the most elegant way possible. 


If you’re working from the inside out, be flexible. 

Instead of building the house in a single location, you can place it wherever it makes sense. 


Try to make the design as authentic as possible.

You want to design something that feels authentic, not like something made by a professional. 

Designing in the spirit of the past isn’t always going to be successful, but it can be the best design you can do.

I have designed several homes in the past, and I think my design is always authentic, both aesthetically and in terms of function. 

What I love about design is that I’m constantly learning new things, and as a result, I get to see the beauty and the complexity of the human body and the natural world in new ways. 

These are just a few of the ideas that help me design a perfect home.

If I had to pick one rule, it would be this: Don´t build a home for the rich or the famous. 

Build it for the humble and the simple.

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