Interior design, particularly those with a strong sense of style, is becoming increasingly expensive, with an estimated cost of Rs 2,400 crore for a typical design.

While it is certainly possible to have a budget of Rs 3,000 crore, the real cost of designing an Indian home could be much higher.

The question is, how much more?

While a designer might have to pay for an interior design studio, they would also have to do the layout of the house, including the furniture and furnishings, which could cost up to Rs 6,000,000 per square metre.

A study by the Institute of Design and Architecture in India (IDA) has revealed that the cost of a home design rendering varies from $400,000 to Rs 4,500,000 depending on the size of the home, as per a study carried out by the IDA’s Centre for Architecture and Urbanism (CAU).

The study looked at three types of design work for houses: interior design work, architectural drawings, and architectural renderings.

The study also included a survey of the cost per square meter of a house, and the percentage of cost of the interior design for a house.

The average cost per sq metre for an Indian house was Rs 3.83 lakh per sq meter, while the average cost for an architect work was Rs 4.36 lakh per square metres.

While the study did not specifically examine the costs of interior design renderings, it does suggest that the costs for designing a home vary from country to country.

While the study found that the average annual cost for the work was $3.20 lakh per house, a house with an architect renderings cost Rs 5.70 lakh per floor and a house that was designed in the Indian style cost Rs 7.45 lakh per unit.

A home designed by the architect in the French style cost an average of $1.78 lakh per dwelling.

In comparison, the average costs for a home of a modern house in the UK, France, Italy and Australia were all lower than India’s.

In the UK and France, the cost for a modern home was between $1,000 and $2,000 more than that of an Indian one.

In Italy, the costs ranged between $2.70 and $3,000.

The costs of a contemporary home in the US ranged between an average $1 million and $5 million.

A contemporary home of the same size in Italy cost $6.50 million.

The cost of an American contemporary home was $1 billion.

The study also found that in India, it is possible to design a house for a modest budget of around $10 million.

However, for a contemporary house, the annual cost of design is much higher, as the study states.

The estimate is that the annual costs of designing a house of this type would cost an estimated $20 million, while a contemporary residence could cost around $30 million.

In contrast, the price of an English house in a similar size, size of land and location in India is around $1 and $1 a square metre, respectively.

However, the study notes that in the past, Indian architects had a tendency to underestimate the costs associated with interior design.

“While there were some exceptions, there was a tendency of some architects to underestimate costs associated on a project that was not actually built,” the study stated.

The researchers did not provide any data for the cost related to interior design in the United States, France and Italy, but noted that these countries had a lower cost of living, while India has higher wages, high wages for professionals and an ageing population.

“We should be very careful about how we approach these types of projects.

This is something we are all working hard to avoid.

We have to be more careful, but we should always try and keep a budget for interior design and architectural work and for architectural renderngs as well,” a spokesperson from the IDB told The Hindu.

According to the study, India has the highest number of urban design firms operating in the country, followed by the US, Germany and the UK.

“The main reason for this is that urban design is seen as an attractive profession in India.

In fact, it attracts some of the most promising young architects, as well as some of India’s most well-known architects.

We also have the highest percentage of young professionals in the field, as many young people want to take up this profession,” the spokesperson said.

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