A new design studio in Toronto has opened its doors to offer a glimpse into the future of interior design and the future-of-the-home in a futuristic space.

In this design studio, we’ll take a look at some of the major trends and technologies that will shape the future interior of our homes, as well as some of its lesser-known facets.

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The design studio is located in the basement of the former Home Furniture store in the Old City of Toronto, which is now a luxury hotel and apartment complex.

A large, white “tower of Babel” sits above the main retail mall, where the store’s doors open to the sky.

Inside, there’s an open-concept design space for architects and interior designers, where students work on projects for clients.

The studio also has a full-time studio.

The studio’s mission statement is to “promote a renewed appreciation of interior designers’ work by giving students the opportunity to interact with interior designers on an ongoing basis, and to promote the creative process and design process through the sharing of knowledge and knowledge sharing.”

The company’s website includes a number of links to the studio’s website.

Some of the sites include the homepage for the studio, and a Facebook page.

The site’s home page has photos of the studio and its offices.

A group of students from the university, which has offices in Toronto and Montreal, was one of the first to be introduced to the project.

The students, including two of them, said they enjoyed working in the studio.

“We have a passion for design and we were inspired by the idea of a studio, to have this kind of space in a city like Toronto, where there are a lot of things happening in the neighbourhood, and so the idea was to create something that’s like a ‘space in the city,'” said Karla Pascual, a design student at the University of Toronto.

Pascual said that the students were introduced to a variety of different projects, including an online class that they are taking to learn more about the work they’re doing.

The project is also looking to expand, so students can be involved in new projects.

The students were also surprised to learn about the studio itself.

“It’s not really a design studio at all.

It’s just a group of people who have been studying for a few months,” said Pascal.”

So we were really surprised when we saw that it was actually a design-studio, and we just wanted to learn a little bit more about it and see what the project was all about,” she said.

A large, open-design space for students and designersInside, students work with a team of architects to develop designs for different projects.

Students can design a project, and the team members can help them with that, or they can help students refine their designs.

Pascals said that they hope that the project will eventually take a “progressive design” direction.

The first project was for a restaurant, and it was designed by a group from the school.

It was a concept called “The Kitchen.”

“We wanted to design a space for people to meet, work, hang out and just have a conversation.

It felt really comfortable, and very intimate,” Pascalt said.

Pascal and Karla were inspired to design the design, which was initially to be a restaurant.

They felt that it needed to be in the heart of a building, so they chose a building that had a lot more open space and that had this big, open kitchen area that they were designing for.

“That’s where we started, and then I think a lot [of] the other people were like, ‘well this could be a real space,’ so we wanted to create that kind of a space and then build a small space inside,” Pascal said.

“The Kitchen is a small-scale project, it’s not quite as big as some other things, and I think it’s the first small-size design project in Toronto,” she added.

“I think the concept is kind of something that was inspired by an old house, so I think that’s what inspired the design and concept, and maybe it’s what we will continue to do with more small-sized projects, but we wanted something that felt like a large space, and that felt inviting.”

A group working on a design projectAt the end of each project, students are encouraged to choose from the available design options.

They are then encouraged to submit their designs for the team to review.

The team of designers was then asked to come up with an idea for a “design concept” for the project, which would be the final product that the studio would make.

“Design concepts are basically sketches and sketches are really important,” Piscals said.

“We like to create concepts for something that we feel is good, and when we make a design, that

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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