In the latest installment of our design contest, National Geographic is asking you to create a new design app that will help your company become more sustainable.

The contest is open to all professionals who are passionate about design and would like to see their company improve its sustainability.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and the winner will receive a $50,000 prize.

The contest is being sponsored by the American Sustainable Design Council, the American Institute of Architects and the American Council of Architects.

The judges include:American Sustainable Design Association: Deborah S. Koehler, president; John M. Sargent, vice president; Lisa A. Pomerantz, vice chair; and Peter M. Bortz, vice chancellor.

The finalists will be announced at a ceremony at National Geographic headquarters in New York City in October.

The judges were inspired by the “Interior Design Story” by David Hockney, the first-ever award-winning architecture writer.

The “Interiors Story” tells the story of an architect who is inspired by his or her experiences working on the world’s largest skyscrapers.

The story is set in a future when skyscraping skyscrapes are being replaced with sustainable architecture and design.

“As an architect, you are working with something that is incredibly challenging, but you are constantly trying to push yourself forward,” says David Hocks, the director of the Design Center for Design and Sustainable Communities at the American Society of Civil Engineers.

“If you don’t make the best design decisions, your company may go down the same path.”

The competition is being conducted in partnership with the American Association of State and County Supervisors, the Environmental Defense Fund and the National Science Foundation.

The design competition will run from September 15 through October 30.

The finalist will be named in October, and the winners announced at the conference.

Here are some other contest ideas that are on the mind of some designers. 

Dress for the season: Designer Peter Bortzer uses a combination of color and technology to create an indoor dressing room at his home in Brooklyn. 

This is the first indoor space he’s created for the interior design of his home, which is located in the South Bronx. 

The space is made of recycled material and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Borschmann says that it takes up a lot of space in his house, so he designed a large curtain wall that separates the bedroom from the living room and bedroom from bathroom. 

You can buy a fabric and wood cabinet and put up your clothes for free.

You can also purchase a wood and fabric storage cabinet and hang clothes. 

When you’re ready to use it, you can have the cabinets filled with clothes, a table and a bed. 

There are even some bookshelves and shelves to keep all of your personal and office items organized. 

It also has a lot going on around the house: a garden, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a living room, an art studio, a library and an outdoor space. 

Bortzer says that the room has been a favorite of his since it was first built. 

“I think that it’s an interesting place, and I think it’s kind of beautiful.

It’s a place where I can create things that I want to do and it feels like I’m creating something in the home. 

 “It’s an area that I’ve always liked, and it just feels like an incredible place to live.” 

Bortschmann has used the home to design an outdoor living space, a kitchen, a workshop and a patio for his clients. 

He also has plans to create three-bedroom, two-bathroom and one-bathrooms. 

While he doesn’t have the time or space to put all of the pieces together, he has some ideas for what he might add to the home: “We have this little table that sits on the kitchen table, and you can bring it up to the living area to have something to cook and eat, so that’s one of the things that we might look at in the future,” he says. 

If you are looking for inspiration to create your own design, you may want to take a look at the following designs. 

An indoor pool with an underwater wall: A pool with a underwater wall is something you may not have thought about before.

But now it is a reality in most major U.S. cities.

This is a one-bedroom apartment with a pool, an outdoor pool and a two-car garage. 

On one of these days, you will not be able to sit back and enjoy the views.

The water will run in the backyard and the pool will be in your backyard.

You will be able use the outdoor pool, but there will be no indoor pool in your apartment.

 The pool will come with

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