The 1950s were a time of bold design that captured the imagination of both the masses and the elite.

Many of these designs were considered classic and had to do with the aesthetics of the time.

Some of them had an emphasis on aesthetics and modernism while others were a nod to the past.

Below are some of our favorites from the era.

If you’re looking for a retro stadium, this is a good place to start.

This 1940s-inspired design was designed by architect Harry Clements and built at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

It was inspired by the city’s many architectural features and was one of the first football stadiums to be built in the United States.

The stadium was designed to be as much a living space as a football field.

The roof was to have a domed design, allowing fans to see the field, while the outside of the stadium was to be open to the elements.

The stadium was built to hold the University’s football team and the National Football League’s Milwaukee Braves.

It had a grand opening on April 20, 1947.

The design is based on an old building at the time, and the roof is inspired by an old-fashioned roofing factory.

The exterior of the dome is made from a traditional wood frame.

It’s lined with white plastic and has a white stripe across the top.

The inside of the structure is made of white vinyl, which is covered with a white mesh that’s reflective on the outside.

There’s also a white strip that runs across the inside of this structure that is reflective on both the outside and inside.

There are two sides of the roof.

On the one side is the entrance, which opens to the field.

On that side is a grandstand with a raised roof.

The rest of the field is covered in white, with a red and white stripe on the sides of this field.

In addition to the stadium, the dome was also used as a training facility, and it was used for football games.

The dome is topped with a large dome-shaped wooden fence that spans the entire length of the property.

The roof of the grandstand is a white, mirrored glass.

This is used for the lighting on the grandmaster level.

This was the roof that was used to light up the grand stadium in the 1930s.

The grandstand was located at the southwest corner of the complex.

On both sides of that grandstand are two large white glass walls that span the entire width of the building.

The grandmaster seating area was also located on the south side of the facility.

The grandstand itself was designed in the 1920s and featured a grandmaster, two-tiered seating area and a large white light-up box.

It also had a giant clock and a giant brass-colored “Hollywood” sign on top of the scoreboard.

The original scoreboard in the grandmasters box.

The scoreboard that hung in the main seating area of the original grandmasters stadium.

The clock in the scoreboard area.

The main scoreboard area and the scoreboard in this original grandmaster stadium.

After the 1950s, football stadiums were renovated to keep up with the times.

The new stadiums were designed to resemble the old ones, while also having a modern feel.

There are some design elements from the 1950-1953 period that have a modern look to them.

These include the roof and a new scoreboard.

There are also some things that have to do to the dome that are modern.

The dome is a modern design.

It has the iconic domed roof, with white and red lines across it.

The white fabric on the inside is reflective and makes the building look white.

This white is used to reflect the light from the sun.

The domed dome is also a modern feature, as the dome has two curved sides.

The top of this dome has a circular light-emitting diode that’s designed to create a rainbow effect.

One of the most iconic pieces of stadium architecture is the granddaddy, which was built in 1953.

The structure stands about five feet high, and is about 1,500 feet long.

The center of the base of the domed structure is where fans sit when the game is being played.

This domed stadium is known as the Great Hall of Fame, and has been the site of numerous college football games over the years.

When the dome wasn’t in use, it was renovated.

This time, it included a new grandstand.

The Granddaddy Stadium is also the location of some of the more iconic moments in football history.

In 1952, the stadium hosted the national championship game between Michigan and Alabama.

The following year, a game between Ohio State and Michigan State was played there.

The game was a 24-10 Michigan victory.

During the 1950 NFL season, the grandaddy was home to the Buffalo Bills.

While this structure was a major attraction, it also had some interesting design elements.

It featured an oval dome that featured the team

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