An African design project in South Africa, titled The Masculine Interior Design, was inspired by the designs of the continent’s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

The project, which took five years to complete, is inspired by Wright’s work and is now on display at the International Centre for Modern Art, located in the capital Pretoria.

“The idea is to create a modern, modern and feminine interior, which is meant to complement and complement the interior of the men’s room,” said designer and architecture professor Michael Koechlin.

“The idea was to incorporate elements of Frank Lloyd’s designs and modern design, but also to be very contemporary in terms of both the material and the design.”

To create the men, I used the materials from Wright’s designs, but I also wanted to create something more contemporary and modern in terms, as I said, of the architecture.

“The design was completed in May 2017.

The project’s name comes from a quote Wright said to the architect in 1902, “I think that women are the best thing that has ever happened to the earth.”

He then went on to say that women could do more than just work.”

Aerial view of the Men’s Room of the International Center for Modern Arts, Pretoria, South Africa. “

That is why the men must also be professional and also professional women.”

Aerial view of the Men’s Room of the International Center for Modern Arts, Pretoria, South Africa.

The men’s interior is the first part of a series of new male-oriented buildings that will be on display in the center.

The architects wanted to use the men as an example of how a modern approach can be done.

“One of the things that was important for me was the fact that I wanted to work with an African architect, which means that I had to know a little bit about the history and history of the African nation and I had also to know about its history of architecture and also about the African way of life,” said Koecha.

The men’s area of the building was made up of six rooms, which were divided into two wings.

The design, which was inspired from Wright, was the work of the group COSACA, which comprises a group of architects and designers who have worked in South African architecture.

“It was a challenge for me because we were working on a project for the museum, which we had already planned for three years.

And it was an opportunity to combine a lot of things, and so it was important that we had a lot in common,” Koechanin said.

The team worked closely with local architects and artists to create the project.

The Men’s Center of the National Museum of South Africa is located in Pretoria’s National Museum and features a collection of rare, classic and contemporary works, as well as artefacts of the past.

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