Interior designer miamis home for interior design schools.

(CBC)Home to the nation’s only major interior design school, Miami’s interior design college has attracted a large student body of young people who want to study interior design, but are unable to attend.

The college, located at 704 North Monroe Avenue, is one of many in the city that offers students the opportunity to pursue a career in interior design.

“They’re looking for opportunities to learn more about design, to create things and to think more deeply about the future,” said Rachel Sorenson, the school’s associate director.

“It’s an opportunity for students to be involved in the future of the city.”

“We’re all looking to change the world, and we’re all passionate about that, and there’s a lot of energy in the room,” said Sarah Brown, the college’s vice president of external affairs.

Brown said she hopes the students continue to take the courses they want to learn in the coming years.

“We’ve seen that our students are passionate about their craft,” she said.

Sorenson said the college has been able to attract more than a thousand students in the past five years.

Students at the school study a wide range of disciplines, including interior design and architecture, as well as the arts and design.

It also has a wide variety of programs, including the school-wide design program, which teaches students to design for a variety of projects, such as apartments, offices and homes.

The school also has two programs focused on digital design, where students learn to design digital experiences and tools to improve their work.

“The design program is definitely a big focus,” Brown said.

“It’s something that we do to make sure that students have the tools that they need to succeed.”

Brown said the students work with a variety, from designers to furniture makers to interior designers to others in the industry.

Students also get hands-on experience in the field, working with students and staff at local businesses, as they work on projects with their students.

“If we’re designing for the next year, we want them to feel they can come in and be the designer, and not have to go into the field,” she explained.

“And so they feel more confident in themselves, and they feel that they have something to contribute.”

The students are learning how to work together as a team, which is what Brown said is critical.

“To work on a project, you need a common vision,” she added.

“You need to know what your client wants.

And then you need to work with that vision, and then you can really make sure you can deliver.”

Sorensson said the school does a lot more than just teach students how to design, she said the group also works on a variety projects and supports students in finding jobs in the interior design industry.

“Some of the clients we’ve worked with have hired the students because of the work they’ve done in the school,” she noted.

The school, which opened its doors in 2019, is still a small place with limited space.

Brown hopes the school will continue to grow, with a goal of adding more space in the next two years.

The students’ passion for interior designs is palpable, and Brown said it’s not something she thinks about too much.

“I think that it’s very important that we have this conversation and that we get the message out to the students,” she admitted.

“And I think that that’s really important because the more people we have in this industry, the more they’ll see that this is a great opportunity and that they can contribute to the future.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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