A new logo for the New York City Times is making its debut, with designers working with the paper’s design team to create a new look that is both elegant and unique.

The New Yorker logo, created by digital media agency VFX Design, is designed to be a timeless, yet playful design that is instantly recognizable and will look great on your desktop.

The team behind the logo, the New Yorker Design Lab, had already been working on the design of the Times logo for several months, and decided to take it to the next level by creating a brand new look.

“We wanted to be bold and bolder, with a bit of a pop, and not over-the-top,” said the New Yorkers’ design team.

The Times logo was created in the style of a large “M,” with a “T” on the top of the “Y.”

The logo is also centered on a red background, and is surrounded by a yellow circle, with an anchor at the bottom.

The new logo is currently undergoing testing, with several iterations in the works, but the initial designs have already caught the eye of some prominent design agencies.

“It was a great challenge to work with a team who had been involved in design for a long time and had done some work for other major companies,” said Ben Schmitz, an assistant professor of visual and digital media at the University of Michigan.

“Their design is very elegant and very modern.

They had a lot of experience working on a logo like this and were able to really capture a whole different aesthetic that we’ve seen a lot in the past with this brand.”

Schmitz is not the only one who’s been impressed by the design.

“I love how it’s such a playful design, and it’s so easy to recognize,” said Sarah Strayer, an associate professor of communication and media arts at the City University of New York.

“In some ways, it feels a little bit like the new look of The New Yorker.

They’re both modern, and the fonts are very modern, but also a little more classic.”

The New Yorkers are currently in the process of finalizing the final designs, which will be presented at a New York design conference on May 20.

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